Energising Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

A Healthy Breakfast for One Serves – 1 smoothie bowl Time – 15 minutes It is drummed into us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However we are not going to feel the benefits if we are going to just go and grab a snack or a greasy Mc...
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Silent Disco Yoga

The First Silent Disco Yoga Class in Cornwall It was so exciting to hear that silent disco yoga was coming to Newquay for the first time.  It was also quite surprising to hear peoples response when we started to spread the word. So many people would ask “what is...
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Day Spa at Watergate Bay Hotel

At cocktails & Wanderlust we just love to go and check out and enjoy luxurious hotels and spa’s, therefore we decided to pay the Watergate Bay Hotel a little visit. The Watergate Bay Hotel is nestled in the cliffs at the beautiful Watergate Bay, 5 miles...
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A trip to Lanzarote

A Trip to Lanzarote I have been to Lanzarote so many times before…in fact it’s the place my husband and I spent a lot of time during the beginning of our relationship. So you can imagine it will always be a special place. However over recent years I have... read more

Activewear for Summer 2016

Activewear for Summer 2016 Now that activewear has become more stylish, there is no excuse to have an old school sweatshirt in your gym kit anymore. I love that we are in an era where women aren’t afraid of mixing up their wardrobe with trainers and funky yoga... read more

Climbing Mount Snowdon

Climbing Mount Snowdon Climbing Mount Snowdon is an adventure that’s been on my wish list for a long time However trips abroad, surfing and visiting family have always been a priority. Finally I took the time out to visit Snowdon and I couldn’t believe I... read more

Shortie summer wetsuits 2016

After spending the winter surfing in cold water where every inch of your body is covered with thick neoprene, it is no surprise that every surf girl in the Northern hemisphere is thrilled this time of year about the new shortie summer wetsuit range. At last we can... read more

Surf Snowdonia Review

New wave garden – surf Snowdonia review The moment finally came this year when the worlds first wave garden opened to the public. Surf Snowdonia is built at a former industrial site in Dolgarrog in Snowdonia’s National Park, Wales. For those who... read more

5 things to do in Berlin

Weekend City Break –  my favourite things to do in Berlin I love Berlin! What an amazing city it is! I went for the weekend to visit a good friend who was living in Germany. After a weekend of walking, site seeing and drinking German beer, I came to the... read more

Autumn Fig Smoothie

  Recipe for my Autumn Fig Smoothie I love making smoothies using seasonal fruit and veg. This month there is an abundance of fresh figs in the supermarkets, so I decided to grab a load and incorporate them in my daily smoothies. My Autumn fig smoothie is so easy... read more

Roxy Event Newquay 2015

#runsupyoga – Roxy event in Newquay I have been so excited this past month, because I managed to get a space on the #runsupyoga Roxy event Newquay! I had seen pictures and reviews of previous events they held in Barcelona and Hawaii, so I was over the moon when... read more