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Can yoga help surfing?

Can yoga help surfing?   Can yoga help surfing? The answer to this is YES! Many professional surfers recommend yoga as being one of the best types of training for the sport. For example it can help you with:   Strength, Flexibility, Focus and Balance  ...
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What to pack for a surf trip

GlideSoul – What to pack for a surf trip   There’s nothing more exciting than planning a surf trip! Deciding on where the next destination will be, who to go with and how long for is always the fun part. However, before getting carried away by...
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Christmas Gift Guide & Giveway

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, or pretty nightmarish if you are struggling to find the perfect gifts. To help you with some inspiration this Christmas, Cocktails and Wanderlust has put together a very special Gift Guide. Our recommended gifts...
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Acai and Beetroot Brownies

As the festive season approaches us, it’s so difficult to stay healthy. Especially as it’s even more tempting to indulge in things we wouldn’t normally touch with a barge pole.Therefore at Cocktails and Wanderlust we decided to put together our own... read more

Discovering Ireland

10 day trip around Ireland   Choosing somewhere to go on a trip is always a tough one for us. There is always the dilemma of whether you spend time exploring some of the beautiful parts of the UK…as there are so many. Or whether you spend the time and money... read more

Maximise Your Surf Sessions

Surfing is a challenging and highly rewarding past time, and one which we are fortunate enough to be able enjoy in the UK.  Whilst not necessarily thought of as a surf destination, the British surf culture is vibrant around our coastline.  However surfing in the UK... read more

Silent Disco Yoga

The First Silent Disco Yoga Class in Cornwall It was so exciting to hear that silent disco yoga was coming to Newquay for the first time.  It was also quite surprising to hear peoples response when we started to spread the word. So many people would ask “what is... read more

Day Spa at Watergate Bay Hotel

At cocktails & Wanderlust we just love to go and check out and enjoy luxurious hotels and spa’s, therefore we decided to pay the Watergate Bay Hotel a little visit. The Watergate Bay Hotel is nestled in the cliffs at the beautiful Watergate Bay, 5 miles... read more

A trip to Lanzarote

A Trip to Lanzarote I have been to Lanzarote so many times before…in fact it’s the place my husband and I spent a lot of time during the beginning of our relationship. So you can imagine it will always be a special place. However over recent years I have... read more

Activewear for Summer 2016

Activewear for Summer 2016 Now that activewear has become more stylish, there is no excuse to have an old school sweatshirt in your gym kit anymore. I love that we are in an era where women aren’t afraid of mixing up their wardrobe with trainers and funky yoga... read more

Climbing Mount Snowdon

Climbing Mount Snowdon Climbing Mount Snowdon is an adventure that’s been on my wish list for a long time However trips abroad, surfing and visiting family have always been a priority. Finally I took the time out to visit Snowdon and I couldn’t believe I... read more

Shortie summer wetsuits 2016

After spending the winter surfing in cold water where every inch of your body is covered with thick neoprene, it is no surprise that every surf girl in the Northern hemisphere is thrilled this time of year about the new shortie summer wetsuit range. At last we can... read more