Chanel Make-Up Review

Chanel Make-up

Chanel make-up for weddings

Rather than paying for a make-up artist for my wedding, I decided to have make overs with various brands at House of Fraser. My bridesmaids came with me to watch them put the make-up on and then took away lots of great new tips. The plan was then for me to then buy the make-up so they could replicate it on my wedding day. In the end I decided to go for Chanel because I felt that the make-up was the most natural looking, long lasting and really good quality.

To create the desired look I wanted for my wedding day, I used the following items:

 Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere Fluid 10 

Concealer: 10 Correction Perfection

Powder: 25 Peche Loose

Bronzer: Les Beige No 40

Eyebrows: 40 Crayon Sourcils

Eye Shadows: 52 Beige, 94 Eclaire, 45 Safari

Eye Liner: 100 Santal

Mascara: Le Volume Noir

Lip Colour: 77 Ingenue Rouge Coco Shine

Blusher: Rose Initiale

Perfume: Chance Eau Tendre

Chanel Make-Up   Chanel Make-Up

I love they way that all the make-up looked together, I had never managed to create that look with any of the make-up I had purchased in the past. If I had to only keep a couple of the items of make-up I would highly recommend the eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and the mascara. I think I will be buying these forever.

The eyeliner is really soft looking and can be put on really easily. The eye brow pencil makes such an unbelievable difference and on the other end to the pencil is a brush for you to make them look really neat. My eyebrows are quite thin and light so this really transformed the look. The mascara is like no mascara I have used before. The make-up artist demonstrated how you don’t even need to use eyelash curlers with them. You apply it by holding the brush right at the bottom of the lash, where it meets the eyelid. You hold it there for a few seconds before slowly brushing it to the tips. Again at the tips you hold the brush there for a few seconds. When you remove it the lash manages to stay in that position making them look bigger and thicker.

Chanel Make-Up

I would highly recommend buying Chanel make-up for your wedding, or if you fancy owning some really nice make-up.  As mentioned before it is really good quality and it lasts all day. If one of your friends or bridesmaid loves make-up too, then it’s a really nice thing to do and plan together. The major plus point is that you then own the nicest make-up on the market so it’s a real investment. Other than the mascara, I don’t use the make-up daily because I think it’s really nice to be able to make yourself feel special and look different when going out int the evening.

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