Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning


Wedding Planning

Five wedding planning tips 

Last year (2013) has to be, hands down, the busiest year of my life. Not only did my husband and I buy a bungalow to renovate as a mini project (I say mini, it didn’t feel mini to us but I can appreciate that some house renovation projects are much bigger than ours), we also got married! With the honeymoon and work alongside this, the year felt like a complete whirlwind. Now I sit here with a hot chocolate and my feet up, looking back it was one of the best times of my life.

Wedding Planning

One thing I certainly don’t regret with the wedding (although I did at the time) is that I tried to be creative along the way. I knew from the start that I wanted the wedding to feel personal to us. It is so tempting to just plan and buy all the little extras ‘off the shelf’, however it is amazing how much people are prepared to help and want to join in. My friends and family are so creative and talented, so I was really lucky to have their help.

Wedding Planning

My ever so talented cousin helped me design and made my wedding dress. My sister-in-law made the wedding cake, my bridesmaids did my hair and make-up and one put together a beautiful reading for the church. All my other friends and the hens helped me with the invites, confetti cones, pom poms and lace candle table decorations. The list really does go on.

There are so many things that inspired me during the planning stages of the wedding. For example websites such as: Martha StewartThe Lane and Pinterest. If I saw something I liked the look of, I would just find a way to make it online and then added my own spin to it (of course with the help of my friends).


My five tips to any bride to be are:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help Your friends and family will be there eagerly waiting at the edges of their seats for you to just ask the question. Remember people love to feel like they are involved (although be prepared to ask someone to back off if they start taking over). On a couple of occasions I invited friends over for a craft night, I supplied the bubbles and nibbles and they helped me with the wedding decorations.

2. Really look around for inspiration Don’t just pick the easiest option so it ends up not being personal to you. There are so many amazing websites and blogs, wedding fairs and magazines that can help you get some ideas. It doesn’t have to be complicated either, simple can also be classy. Doing things yourself can also save money, the money I managed to save I put towards my dream shoes!

3. Do book a honeymoon I know some people can’t go away straight after the wedding for various reasons, but try and at least take a couple of days off after the wedding to spend with your new husband/wife. The wedding planning and day can be quite stressful and tiring so it’s really nice to have a couple of days after with your loved one to re-live the day and spend some special time together. You may try to spend as much time as possible together on the wedding day, but trust me it’s not easy. Sometimes just going to the toilet would take 30 minutes by the time you stop and talk to people on the way.

4. Buy your own make -up –  I had a make-up trial with a Chanel counter at a department store. My friend’s came with me to watch the process and then replicated it on my wedding day. The plus is I now have the nicest make-up and it would have cost the same as having a make-up artist. See my other post for the review on Chanel make-up.

5. Remember you can’t please everyone so don’t even try Most people are just so happy to be involved with the wedding and be there to share your special day with you. If for whatever reason you can’t meet someones special requirements then so be it. The most important thing on your wedding day is you and your loved one

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