Socks For Christmas

Socks for Christmas

Socks for Christmas…

As mentioned in my previous post, this year I’m trading in Christmas for the tropical weather and warm waters of Central America…sounds delightful doesn’t it? This does not mean to say that I’m not a little sad to be missing out on all the Christmas festivities. I have to say winter is a season I am becoming more fond of, especially living in Cornwall. The beaches are empty so you get them all to yourself; and theres nothing better after being outside and braving the elements than getting warm again with a mug of hot chocolate and an open fire.

It feels to me these days, that winter it is the only time that you get to truly relax. During the other seasons, especially summer, I always feel guilty if i’m not out and making the most. Don’t get me wrong it’s still good to go out surfing or walking, however I never feel as bad staying in and wrapping up warm with a good book in the winter.

So that’s why this year I am planning on buying friends and family socks for Christmas. Socks are always the stocking filler that are completely taken for granted and they really shouldn’t be. Like a good blanket or dressing gown, socks are perfect to wear when relaxing around the house. They make you feel so cosy, and it’s great choosing a pair with a fun design…there’s certainly no need for boring socks.

I got this amazingly festive pair from Roo’s beach. They have a great range of really funky Stance socks, which are perfect for brightening up anyones dark evening and they are so cosy and warm too. You can see the full range here. Roo’s beach also have a fab competition this Christmas where you can win your very own pair as part of their #SocksforChristmas campaign. It’s not too late to enter, all you have to do is take a shoe selfie to demonstrate a pair that need some serious sock love. You can find out more information about the campaign and competition here.

If you are still rushing around trying to get last minute Christmas presents, I promise you a pair of these socks will go down a treat.

Socks for Christmas

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