Roxy Event Newquay 2015

Roxy Event Newquay

#runsupyoga – Roxy event in Newquay

I have been so excited this past month, because I managed to get a space on the #runsupyoga Roxy event Newquay! I had seen pictures and reviews of previous events they held in Barcelona and Hawaii, so I was over the moon when I found out they were coming to my home town!

On Friday the weather was awful in Cornwall, so I was feeling a little dubious about how the day was going to pan out. However, when I first opened my eyes yesterday morning to the sun shining through the gaps in the window, I couldn’t help but have a big smile on my face.
 I met up with Sammy from There was no where to go but everywhere, as well as a few other friends. We arrived and signed in at 8:30am, which was and hour and a half before the event started, you can tell we were super keen!
The first activity of the #runsupyoga event was yoga, which was instructed by the beautiful Lucy Foster-Perkins. I really enjoyed the class as I love yoga on the beach, but to be surrounded by a load of other girls and event organisers made the atmosphere feel really harmonious and collective.
After yoga we had an hour to wait before the SUP race. During this time we got photographed by local papers and interviewed by lifestyle magazines. We really enjoyed this.
The SUP race was always going to be a challenge. There was a little short period swell with strong onshore winds, so not the flat or gentle conditions ideal to SUP. We all went in anyway and paddled around the buoy without trying to stand up. Even that was really really tough because you could barely get your arms around the big board and in the water to paddle. Every time a breaking wave came towards you, it would push you right back into the shallows! I was a little frustrated with myself because I thought I would be able to do it, I knew I could on my longboard, but I couldn’t believe how difficult the inflatable SUP was to manoeuvre in the water. I still managed to get around the bouy and back in the 25 minute time frame, although the other girls in my heat did it first. Sammy smashed her heat by completing it in 9 mins 30 secs, only a minute behind the overall winners.
Despite the conditions being tough, I still had loads of fun getting in the water and it was good to see so many other girls giving it a go. After the SUP we had a little break where we just chilled in the beautiful sunshine, before getting ready for the final event, the run!
  Roxy Event Newquay
The run was just 3km around the beach, and again it felt so good to be there partaking with loads of other girls. It wasn’t too tough, however there were some clear winners who stormed well ahead. The girl who won just happened to be on the beach for the day so joined in and won wearing denim shorts…pretty cool!
After the run we had the prize giving. Sammy and I were pretty disappointed not to win any prizes, however we were still ecstatic that we got to be Roxy girls for the day! Once the prize giving had finished we headed over to the Roxy VIP area at the beach bar, where we sipped a bottle cider and reminisced over the fun we had during the day.
Big thanks to Roxy for holding such an awesome event in Newquay! I’m going to get practicing paddling a SUP just in case it comes back next year!

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  1. July 26, 2015 / 6:45 pm

    Was such a fun event 🙂 Hope that start to bring more events like that to the UK!

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