Goodbye Summer! Hello Autumn!

I have to say that the hardest time of the year is when the realisation kicks in that summer is officially over. Those lovely long, mild days, where you spend more time outdoors and you feel free and spontaneous…they have gone. Disappeared for another year. The amount of times I hear people ask where did the summer go? I have no idea, we were all having such a good time it was hard to keep up with it.

It fills me with dread that I have to wait a long time until spring; and that light at the end of the tunnel…what light? The days are shorter and its dark for longer. You have to use more energy to put on that extra layer of clothing and it generally feels like everything is so much more of an effort.

Last week it officially became autumn, so I decided to put together a mood board on Pinterest to help inspire me for the season ahead. You can see the full mood board on my Pinterest here.

Pictures taken from Pinterest

Pictures taken from Pinterest

Putting this mood board together has really helped me to accept Autumn and say goodbye to the summer. I actually feel so grateful to live in a country that has a contrast of the seasons. The change can be exciting and refreshing.

This mood board has got me thinking that Autumn really is a beautiful season. It’s a time where we can start to wrap up by wearing our favourite knits and boots that have been recently neglected. The mornings are crisp and the sunsets are full of colour. Autumn is the season for blackberry picking and making spiced hot drinks. You can still spend lots of time outside, maybe in front of an open fire melting marshmallows with your friends instead? There are lots of events to look forward to such as Halloween and Bonfire night; and if you are a surfer… it generally means there are more waves!!!

Are you excited about Autumn? Why don’t you put a mood board together too?

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