Acai Chia Pudding Recipe for Camping

Easy Camping Breakfast – Acai Chia Pudding

It’s that time of year where if we haven’t already, we will start to plan our summer adventures. Most of us will want to make the most of the warmer weather by spending time outdoors. Whether that is just a day trip or for longer, I wanted to share with you a brilliant online camping cook book that Go Outdoors have put together. It’s full of really easy healthy recipes and will give you some inspiration for your next trip. I was invited to contribute to the cook book with my ever so tasty Acai Chia Pudding.


Acai chia pudding

What to consider when camping –

The most difficult part about camping has to be healthy eating. Camping and being outdoors generally requires much more effort than normal, therefore when it come to meal time the last thing you want to do is over complicate things. Over the years I have mastered what works when you are camping or al fresco dining. It’s about weighing-up the amount of ingredients, cooking equipment and how satisfying the meal is.

Meals that are prepared in advanced or cooked using one pot is definitely worth consideration. I also find when I spend time outdoors I’m generally more active than normal, therefore I really look forward to my meals. They need to fill me with energy as well as being gratifying.

One of my recent favourites is the Acai Chia Pudding. It can be enjoyed as either a dessert or breakfast. You can find the full recipe in the Go Outdoors downloadable camping cook book here. What’s so great about the Acai Chia Pudding, is that it can be prepared in advance and it only requires jam jars, so there is no mess or extra washing up. It’s also super tasty and packed with nutrients. Read this article here if you would like to find out more about the health benefits of acai berries.

I hope you enjoy!

Acai and Chia Pudding



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