Activewear for Summer 2016

Activewear for Summer 2016

Now that activewear has become more stylish, there is no excuse to have an old school sweatshirt in your gym kit anymore. I love that we are in an era where women aren’t afraid of mixing up their wardrobe with trainers and funky yoga pants or hitting the streets in their activewear. All of the usual fitness brands have brought out their activewear for Summer 2016, here’s my top picks:

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty

There is no denying that Sweaty Betty are one of the UK’s leading fitness brands. Each season they do not fail to bring out fitness gear that is not only stylish, but also great quality ensuring that they are comfortable for fitness activities. I love this seasons range, they have good mixture of pastel and floral prints to reflect the summer season. However, some of their products still have an undertone of blacks and greys so you don’t feel like you are screaming for attention or trying to make a bold statement. I absolutely love the strappy backs to these tops, they are enough to make you feel a little more sexy without compromising on comfort.



This Aussie brand have also brought out some pretty awesome gear this season. They mainly focus on yoga pants, however they also have a great range of sports bras and tops that look great with the straps. I love these yoga pants for this summer, again the range boasts floral patterns with some light blues and pinks. What I particularly like about these pants is the mix of floral and stripes.

New LookNew Look sportswear

Considering New Look isn’t renowned for making activewear, like other high street brands they have done pretty well to jump on recent fitness fashion trends… you must have noticed it is now fashionable and socially acceptable to be into health and fitness. I love New Look’s fitness range for Summer 2016, they are also making use of stylish straps and patterned bottoms to ensure there is never a dull moment exercising.

What are your top picks for this year’s summer activewear range?

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