The best gift guide for health & fitness lovers

Its just under two weeks until Christmas. Which means if your not super duper organised or struggling for gift ideas, you still have time! I have created my perfect Christmas wish list. So if your loved ones are into health and fitness then they will love this too:

The best gift guide for health & fitness lovers

The Best Health and Fitness gift guide

1.Born Nouli Leggings

I’m totally in love with Born Nouli Leggings. They are so comfortable, you can wear them for any sport. You name it biking, running, paddle boarding, surfing, yoga. They are super stretchy and versatile and look fab on.


You can buy them here


2. APL TechLoom Phantom Trainers

The APL TechLoom Phantom trainers are all the rage when it comes to fitness attire. They have been carefully designed and considered to make running efficient. Not only are they super comfortable, they also have a range of different colours to match your activewear.


You can buy them here


3. S’well bottles

It’s so important to keep hydrated throughout the day, especially during exercise. I try and carry a bottle around with me everywhere I go to remind myself to drink up and fill up. I love these swell bottles, mainly because they are recyclable which reduces the need for single use plastic. They are also made from stainless steel which makes them durable. Plus they are the perfect size and look great.


You can Buy them here


4. Get Gorgeous Guide ebook

The get gorgeous guide has been put together by health and fitness blogger Carly Rowena. The book include lots of tips about getting into shape, as well as a 12 week fitness programme you can use either at home or in the gym. It looks great and has top reviews. It’s the perfect bit of inspiration you need for new year fitness resolutions.


You can by it here


5. Neals yard Soto Aroma Diffuser

Relaxing the body and mind is equally as important as eating well and exercising. This diffuser with a lavender type essential oil can help you to create a space to relax. All you need to accompany it, is some relaxing music or the Calm app and you can be on your way to a healthier mind.


You can buy it here


6. Wanderlust Life Rose Quartz Gemstone Necklace

You should check out the whole range of Wanderlust Life jewellery, I literally love every single item. However this rose quartz gemstone necklace is my favourite at the moment. Rose quartz is a powerful healing stone, promoting love and calm. It’s exactly what you need an abundance of during this busy time of year.


You can buy them here


7. Balance festival tickets

Balance festival is a whole event dedicated to health and fitness. The event is in London next May and during the weekend there will be a variety of fitness classes and cookery demos. Give your loved one something to get excited about next year.

Starting from £20

You can buy tickets here


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