Silent Disco Yoga

The First Silent Disco Yoga Class in Cornwall

It was so exciting to hear that silent disco yoga was coming to Newquay for the first time.  It was also quite surprising to hear peoples response when we started to spread the word. So many people would ask “what is silent disco yoga?”

Silent disco yoga is no different to a normal vinyasa yoga class, however you hear the instructor through a headset alongside a pre-recorded playlist.

The benefits to this are that you can be part of a large class in an open outdoor space and still be able to block out the sounds of traffic, ignore any distractions and be totally immersed in the class. It allows you to forget about where you are and instead enjoy the moment, losing any feelings of self awareness.

Silent Disco Yoga UK

Silent Disco Yoga UK

Silent Disco Yoga UK

After the class we managed to catch-up with yoga instructor Jen from Oceanflow Yoga, who arranged the first silent disco yoga event in Cornwall.

Where did you get the idea of running a silent disco yoga event?

I had seen that the brand Lululemon had put on some awesome events in the US and I have always enjoyed silent discos. Therefore when Ant from Silent Disco approached us to see if we wanted to try something different we couldn’t resist! We were at the time organising our annual summer event, so thought it would be a perfect time to test it out.

We wanted to hold the event outside so there were lots of factors we needed to consider such as a portable kit, mics, the mixing desk, an extension cord and the transmitter. We really enjoyed planning it.
How did you put the playlist together?

I really wanted the playlist to honour my music taste and not include anything brand new, but tracks people could recognised and feel the beat to.

I started off by including some calm Indian music to set the scene, then as the session went on I included tracks that built up the tempo.

I worked with a few people to get feedback and swapped a few tracks around. Nearer the event I listened to the soundtrack twice a day, building on the yoga sequences and poses that would fit in with each track. The key was making sure each track built up with a particular emphasis on a certain pose. For example the eutrophic tracks are great for heart opening poses.

For the savasana I included music with binaural beats, (music with a different beat in each ear) which makes meditation better to achieve through an auditory illusion. Two different beats will keep the brain busy rather than being distracted on other things like our surroundings or problems.

What was the feedback?

I don’t think people knew what to expect but they were completely blown away. Some yogis said it was the best thing they have done!

Silent Disco Yoga UK

Silent Disco Yoga UK

Silent Disco Yoga UKSilent Disco Yoga UKSilent Disco Yoga UK

Oceanflow Yoga have since held three more sunset silent disco events on Fistral beach and I’m sure there will be many more to come!

I would highly recommend trying out the silent disco yoga, it’s a completely unique experience. At the beginning of the class I put on my headphones, sat on the yoga mat and looked out towards the ocean. I very quickly got in the zone from listening to the beats starting to flow. Throughout the class I got completely lost in the rhythm and beats of the music and during savasana I looked up towards the sky with a huge smile on my face!

Silent Disco Yoga

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