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SUPing in Cornwall

Ah…when the sun is shining in Cornwall the best thing to do to enjoy it, in my opinion, is to get in the water! Whether its for a swim, surf, kayak or sail there are LOTS of ways to make the most of it.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUPing) seems to be a new craze that has hit everywhere at the moment…and rightly so. It’s a great way to be in the water and explore, and it’s great for fitness too. If you haven’t tried it before I would say it is similar to surfing in that you stand up on a board, however the SUP boards are much bigger and more buoyant than a surfboard and you have an oar to get you moving; Whoa, sounds a bit adventurous doesn’t it? Fret not, there’s no need to worry, the best thing about about SUPing is that you can be a complete novice and still enjoy it. As long as you can swim and have good general knowledge about the coastal rips and tides, you’ll be fine!

Lots of people stand up paddle board for different reasons. For the really adventurous you can get out in the ocean and catch waves like you would with a surfboard (although personally I don’t know why you would want to do that with a big paddle, if you fell…ouch.. it’s going to hurt!) or alternatively you can use it on flat water to get around and explore the coast, rivers or lakes. My friend Jen at Shine Yoga even offers stand up paddle board yoga classes which is definitely one not to miss if you want to test your core strength and balance… or if you just want to try something different and have some fun. I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes it does involve LOTS of falling in, but it’s a great laugh and half of the fun when you do.

Stand-up paddle boarding at the Roseland Cornwall Stand-up paddle boarding - Roseland


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This summer I wanted to try exploring a different part of Cornwall, so I hired a Stand up Paddle board from Percuil Sailing Club which is in the heart of the Roseland peninsular, this is on the South Coast of Cornwall if you have no idea where that is. It was such a perfect spot to explore the beautiful area that joins up with the Fal Estuary. We hired SUP boards for one hour and managed to paddle to St Mawes and back. The journey was incredible, passing beautiful houses you wouldn’t normally see from the road as well as amazing yachts…wowza… how the other half live. It was really easy to paddle along the estuary compared to the open ocean because the water was really flat and there wasn’t much wind. We could have easily spent hours more exploring all the little coves…Mm-hmm…I didn’t mention my arms were starting to ache though. Once we arrived in St Mawes you could see Falmouth in the distance, I’m not going to pretend that I wanted to paddle all the way there too, it was a great view though.  I wore my new Rip Curl shortie wet suit which was so light and perfect for keeping me warm, luckily I didn’t even fall in the water this time too!

If you fancy doing something different this summer and really want to get in the water then I highly recommend exploring the Roseland Peninsular on a stand up paddle board. Around the corner from the boat yard is also the beautiful Porthcurnick Beach which is a perfect place to go bathing and if you haven’t been there already, you just HAVE to go to the Hidden Hut for lunch! The hidden hut is a rustic beach cafe that serves great food, coffee and cakes…promise you will love it!

Porthscatho Beach Hidden Hut

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