Shortie Summer Wetsuits 2016

Summer shortie wetsuit

After spending the winter surfing in cold water where every inch of your body is covered with thick neoprene, it is no surprise that every surf girl in the Northern hemisphere is thrilled this time of year about the new shortie summer wetsuit range.

At last we can start thinking about the summer days or trips away where a shortie is vital…ok maybe a playsuit made out of barely enough 2mm neoprene to cover our bums is slightly impractical in the UK…however the bright colours and mix match patterns are totally irresistible and it’s important that every women has something so fun injected in their lives.

Here are my top picks for this year’s shortie summer wetsuits:


Summer Shortie Wetsuit

  1. Billabong

Billabong’s tropical print wetsuit couldn’t scream summer any louder. The 2mm suit comes in various styles such as short sleeves, full length or even just the hot top. There is plenty of choice with this stunning print, the suit on this particular image being the long sleeve version with a bikini cut bottom. The seams are glued and stitched which means that what little neoprene there is should do a fairly good job of preventing the water from getting in. You can buy this particular one in the UK from Surfdome for £79.99 here. Personally I can’t get enough of this print, how could you not look good on the beach and in the water in this!

Summer shortie wetsuit

2. Roxy

This season’s Roxy Springsuit has not failed to disappoint me. For the past couple of years Roxy have stolen the show when it comes to spring / summer wetsuits. Their bright, stylish and mix match designs inspired by Kassia Meador, make you stand out from the crowd. I love the different colors on this particular shortie, especially with the chevron stripes. The seams on this suit are triple glued. You can buy the suit straight from Roxy for £90. This is another shortie I would love to have hanging up in my board shed.

Summer Shortie Wetsuit

3. Ripcurl

Ripcurl’s stylish bombshell series has also dominated the women’s shortie summer wetsuit range. Most of them have the bikini cut bottom with the front zip and the colours vary from bright and in your face to plain black, giving them more of a bond girl image. My favourite from this season is the black and grey G-Bomb Sub Spring Suit. It is suitably stylish and also has a cute aztec / bohemian pattern on the inside panel. This suit is only 1mm and has a flexible E-stitch seam. You can buy one for £89.99 from Anne’s Cottage

A couple of years ago I bought the Ripcurl Dawn Patrol summer shortie. Surprisingly I have actually got far more use out of it than I expected to. You can just about get away surfing it in 18 degrees water during a nice sunny day, or they are perfect for SUPing. I have taken mine on a few trips away with me, such as to Lanzarote in the winter. Despite them coming across as being a novelty purchase, they are pretty practical when you are somewhere warmer and it’s either a bit cooler in the morning or you want to protect yourself from getting sunburnt.

PicMonkey Photo

If you haven’t got one already then I highly recommend you by one from this beautiful range this summer…I feel they are an essential item for any surf girl!


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