Surfing Tips for GlideSoul

Surfing tips to get you back in the water


If you live and surf in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are you have avoided layering up in thick neoprene the past few months. If this isn’t the case, then I take my surf hood off to you!

The good news is that spring is now on our doorstep, which means we are over the worst and we can say goodbye to numb fingers and toes. If your ready to jump back in the water, however you’re feeling a bit rusty. Fear not! We have put together some surfing tips for GlideSoul.


Surfing tips include:

  • Warming-up
  • Wave selection
  • Positioning
  • Perfecting your pop-up
  • Choosing the correct water wear

You can see the full article on GlideSoul’s website here.


Tips to brush up your surf skills

Surfing Tips

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