Swimwear trends for summer 2015

Swimwear trends for summer 2015

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You may be wondering why on earth I am writing a post about swimwear trends for summer 2015, when the rest of the nation is busy thinking about stocking fillers and Christmas decorations. Well this winter, I’m lucky enough to be heading over to Central America to escape the Northern Hemisphere’s cold and dark days. That’s right, I am leaving Christmas celebrations and the January blues behind to go and spend time surfing, exploring and bathing in the sun. So whilst everyone else is panicking about Christmas dinner and all the trimmings, I’m doing the same for swimwear. As much as I love swimwear from the high street or surf brands, there are also some great alternative brands around which I think will dominate next year’s trends.

Acacias Swimwear

The Acacia Swimwear collection is a collaboration between designers Naomi Newirth and Lyndie Irons. They are both lovers of travel and exotic beaches, therefore the collection is very much inspired by this. The collaboration came together in 2008, when the best friends discovered that they had the same passion for creating Brazilian ‘slim’ style swimwear. I love this chic swimwear range, the style and the tropical, tribal patterns look so natural for the beach environment.

Neon wetsuits

I absolutely love Neon wetsuits. Neon Wetsuits have been designed by surfer Elsie Piniger, who is the founder of the small business brand. Elsie struggled to find the perfect wetsuit she was looking for, so therefore she started to design her own. These retro style wetsuit are great because not only do they provide you with more warmth than your average swimsuit, they also look fab. One of the extra perks about the designs is that you can also have them custom made, you can choose the exact colours you want making them totally unique to you. Check out the website here.

Aloe Swimwear

Aloe Swimwear range was launched last year by designer and entrepreneur Chloe Chapman. Chloe grew up in the Northen Beaches of Sydney and always dreamed about launching her own swimwear line. The range is also Brazilian inspired, yet offers a unique and elegant stance. Her collection is chic and beautiful and I highly recommend you look through her new collection for summer 2015.

 Triangl Swimwear

Triangl swimwear is a much bigger, international brand and the range is really popular in the USA. What I love about this collection is the variation of really bright colours, which are perfect for days at the beach. The range has much more choice in style than the smaller unique brands, which is great for a range of body shapes. Whenever I see this swimwear they scream out summer to me, which is exactly what you want when you are leaving the winter behind.

So now you can see my dilemma, I have no idea which swimwear to choose for this trip. Each of these brands have their own unique plus points and I can really see them all dominating next year’s swimwear trends.

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