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Wanderlustlife Jewellery Wanderlustlife Jewellery

From reading this blog, you may have noticed that travel and lifestyle is really important to me. Exploring new places, gaining experiences and making memories is what I live for. It’s so important that you create the world you love as well as surrounding yourself with people and things that reflect that world. When buying jewellery and clothing, I am always on the look out for new brands that inspire me and portray the lifestyle I lead. During my hunt for such brands, I recently discovered Wanderlust life Jewellery.

Based in Devon, Wanderlust Life is a free spirited jewellery brand that offers beautiful and unique accessories. What I particularly love about the jewellery range is that it’s handmade in the UK, however the designs are inspired by wanderlust and travel, two things that are close to my heart. The designer Georgie Roberts, who also loves to travel, started designing and sourcing gems and stones for the handmade jewellery range whilst she was exploring far away places across the globe.

 the travellers stone, offers good luck & protection

The handmade jewellery pieces are made up with unique charms or stones that each contain their own individual meaning and energising properties. I chose the moonstone necklace because it offers good luck and protection, which is perfect for when I’m off exploring and feeding my own wanderlust.

The necklace is just beautiful. It looks so delicate and minimal yet has an overwhelming sense of charisma, especially because of the way it sparkles when it is caught by the light. Every time I wear it someone will compliment it. The stone is sat on a natural cord, I went for the 16″ length. You can chose longer cords if you prefer.

Wanderlust life 

I am so pleased to have discovered the Wanderlust Life brand. It is nice to have the option to buy local handmade jewellery that has so much thought and meaning behind it. Although I can appreciate that each piece isn’t totally individual, they are still really unique and different to the off-the-shelf jewellery you can buy from the high street. They have also recently brought out a new range of birthstone necklaces, which would be the perfect gift if not for a friend or loved one… certainly for you! I’m thinking of getting my birthstone to go next to the moonstone, they look fantastic when you wear two or three at different lengths. You can see the new range of birthstone necklaces here.

I have been in touch with Wanderlust Life, and they have kindly offered you 10% off your next order with this exclusive discount code. To be used by 30 November 2015.

Wanderlust life discount code

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